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Who we are

"We are an international itinerant prophetic, teaching, and equipping ministry that helps establish healthy biblical prophetic ministry in churches and ministries. We release the prophetic word of the Lord that brings vision, direction, and revelation, to individuals, churches, and ministries throughout Europe and the nations." 

About Justin

Justin Long was born in St. Louis, MO. USA. He encountered Jesus at the age of nine in an Assemblies of God Church in Birmingham, AL. As a result of this encounter he surrendered his life to the Lord and shortly after was baptized.

At the age of twelve Justin encountered the Holy Spirit and began developing a friendship with Him. Shortly after being filled with the Spirit, he recognized that he had a prophetic gifting and calling. ​Since then Justin has grown in his prophetic ministry through serving in several churches around the world. 

Justin also functions in a strong preaching and teaching gift. He travels around the world preaching and teaching the Word of God in churches, conferences, training schools, and retreats. 

He has traveled and ministered in many countries including the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, South Africa, England, Ireland, Germany, Holland, France, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Norway and Poland.

Justin often ministers in gifts of healing, words of knowledge, and miracles. 

Since the beginning of 2018 Justin moved to Germany to pursue his wife and now he makes his home in Europe. Justin, Rahel and their son Mathé.

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