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What We Do


Justin is a speaker/preacher who travels nationally and internationally. 

We are available to speak at conferences and churches, in person or online.

Our current ministry priorities are:

  • Church conferences

  • Leadership/staff meetings & retreats

  • Prophetic events

  • Church services 


We are available to church executives, pastoral teams & boards. 


These meetings usually take the format of a "round table" style discussion

  • To bring prophetic clarity to churches navigating transition or challenging seasons 

  • Prophetic ministry to leadership teams


We believe revelation can come through conversation and we initiate a process where clarity is released to help you advance in God's purposes. 

We are available for personal online appointments for ministers, church, business and community leaders & ministers in training. 

  • To help in the area of ministry development or leadership clarity

  • To help develop your prophetic potential

  • Please note that we are not counsellors and do not give "guidance" or personal prophecies in these sessions. 


Justin is an equipping prophet, who can help churches by:

  • Training their people to hear the voice of God & prophesy

  • Coach and mentor any prophets, prophets in training or ministers with prophetic potential 

  • Help leadership reinvent and update the current prophetic model and expression within the Church

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